Feel free to post any comments here about the site, good or bad, don’t be shy! Also any questions you have.

It would be good to know how the site is used, or you feel it is lacking in any areas or too focused on particular themes.

Sample of some of the feedback received via email & other means:

I have been living in England-Teddington just seven months this site made the adaptation process much more easier and I already love this place as if i had been living here longer. All my spanish family than came for visit also loved this place and I use to send them the links from teddingtontown to keep them updated with what is happening around. Thanks

The ‘net is so often described in negative terms so it’s great to see a site, volunteer driven, that’s more polished and vibrant than so many professional community sites that are out there. We’ve lived in Teddington nearly 10 years; this site has shown us there’s so much more to this place than we’ve known of. Don’t stop.

I have recently discovered your website – It’s fantastic! A brilliant resource for all who love Teddington!!!

What a delight to see the town I live in have such a relevant & vibrant online presence – @Teddington_Town and

I am writing to congratulate you on a very informative and well presented local website. I log on to the site frequently and – on the advice of my grandson – have now saved it to my list of ‘favourites’ for ease of access. Thank you for your attention, and thank you once more for your excellent website.

You are doing a really good job with the website – it looks so professional and is easy to navigate around. I also learnt quite a few things from the ‘Trivia’ page (so did my husband and he has lived here for over 50-years!).

I should like to record a few words of thanks to you, dear Editor, for single-handedly making the Teddington website what it is. It’s attractively designed, easily navigable, interesting, well written, informative, bang up to date, and comes with some excellent images. It’s a quality product, a credit to the town, and an essential part of the community. Thank you for all your efforts.

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