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Teddington Village subject to planning consultation

Teddington will undergo consultation between local residents and Richmond council as the council consider the vision for future planning as well as trying to maintain the town’s character. The consultation comes as tensions rise over plans to build elderly care…

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5 things to do in Teddington this Christmas

Christmas can often signal the time for chaos – late dashes around busy shops, cooking for too many family members before cramming around the TV. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be stressed, after all, there’s always plenty…

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Two More Teddington Cats Go Missing

Over the past few days two more cats have gone missing from Teddington Town. Daisy (below left) went missing on Friday 22nd April where she was last seen at her house in Waldegrave Road. There have been a few possible…

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High Street Update

Boy it takes a long time to build a Sainsbury’s doesn’t it… After what’s been 3 years of local strife the Sainsbury’s on Langham Road where Calligaris (moved to Kingston) used to be is still not built. Daily movements from…

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High Street Update

After announcing poor yearly results, The Teddington branch of Morrisons has been earmarked as one of 23 nationwide that might be closing due to poor performance. This isn’t certain but a poster on the store noticeboard has indicated that closure…

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