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Synchronicity offers Private 1:1 Power Plate Pilates/Personal Training.

Classes are conducted under the supervision of a Specialist Trainer using a combination of strength training, cardio, pilates, yoga & ballet exercises with the addition of weights – specifically the VIPR – to help the individual continually progress and attain their goals. All exercises are adapted to the client’s capability / fitness level and at least a 70% core workout is achieved each session.

Feel confident you are being monitored, guided and cared for throughout.

Suitable all ages and fitness levels – beginners to advanced

Only 25 minutes in length, this equates to one hour’s exercise using traditional methods due to the recruitment of every single muscle contracting multiple times per second (900 times every 30 seconds).

This is a quick, efficient solution to exercise with guaranteed results. It can be stand alone or compliment any other form of exercise/sport. Not just for women, this is used by most Sports Professionals as part of their strength training.

Multiple health benefits including the building of bone density which helps in the fight against Osteoporosis specifically in hip area.

Contact Emma Cope directly on 07843 256 081 for further information or to book a free trial session.

Currently based in two locations: Twickenham and Teddington Pools & Fitness Centre

Twitter: @Synchronicity1
Tel: 07843 256 081


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