Equinox Sound Spectacular

Equinox Sound Spectacular


13:00 - 14:30

Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Road, Teddington, TW11 9NN


This Autumn Tim Wheater and Cherub invite you to find harmony on a whole new scale.


Feeling Overwhelmed by the Noise of Daily Life?

Life’s relentless pace can leave you deaf to your needs. Pressure at work, stress in the gym and getting more rush than rest…  This Autumn silence white noise and prepare to find harmony.


Escape into a Sanctuary of Sound 

World renowned sound experts Tim Wheater and Cherub have chosen this Grade 2* listed space for its rare ability to enhance their intricate layers of sound—from the deep, resonant tones of planet gongs to the ethereal whispers of Cherabella crystal bowls.


At this tipping point of the year, dive into a sea of sound. Each soundscape is crafted from the deepest vibrations of planet gongs, the organic melodies of Native flutes, the primal beat of shamanic drums, and the crystal-clear harmony of Cherabella bowls. As you’re enveloped by these sounds, your tension melts away, and your busy mind is lulled into a state of profound peace and clarity.


An Acoustic Experience Beyond the Ordinary 

This epic sound event doesn’t just offer relaxation; it’s a deep meditative journey that realigns your body and spirit with the world at a time when balance is everything. Feel rejuvenated and empowered to navigate your life with renewed energy and perspective.


Join us for a sound event that’s more than a typical sound bath. Expect advanced layers of instruments designed to leverage the vast resonance of the space.


Uncover Profound Harmony 

Tim Wheater and Cherub are masters of their form, curating an event that’s perfect for everyone, and tailored to harness the equinox’s powerful energy. This isn’t merely about relaxation; it’s about a profound meditative journey that re-aligns your body and spirit with the natural world at a time when balance is paramount. Release what no longer serves you and embrace a renewed sense of vitality and clarity.


Healing Sound on a Grand Scale 

Don’t let another season pass in dissonance. Limited spaces are available for this extraordinary event, a rare opportunity to experience healing sound on an awe-inspiring scale at the Landmark Arts Centre.


Tickets:  VIP Tickets £38, Full Tickets £30, Guest Seated Tickets £15.  See website for further details.

Online Booking:  https://www.landmarkartscentre.org/shows/equinox-sound-spectacular/