Hold the Hearse


19:00 - 21:00



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Hold the Hearse! An interactive, extraordinary theatrical journey through a myriad of museum collections that have impacted on the lives of the Mad, the Bad and the Unruly in our midst.
This comic tale, inspired by objects and stories from behind the scenes of some of the UK’s most renowned medical museums, takes us through the history of two remarkable characters who evaded the collectors – complete with grime, gruesome grave robberies and grisly murder ballads.
In this extraordinary production, Julie McNamara – who describes herself as ‘a Mad woman made good’ – brings previously hidden and disavowed lives to light and, in doing so, invites audiences to question our collective attitudes towards difference.
Tickets : Adults £5, Concessions £3
Tel: 0333 1212 300
Email: lesley.alabaf@downs-syndrome.org.uk