Jude Kelly: Shakespeare’s Women

Jude Kelly: Shakespeare’s Women


19:30 - 21:00

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Following on from recently directing the sold out world premiere play reading of ‘Shakespeare’s Women’ at The Globe, Jude Kelly takes us on a journey of exploration of some of the great female characters in The Bard’s works.

Who were the real-life inspirations behind these characters, what do they teach us about gender politics in 16th Century society, and how contemporary are the themes and challenges that these women faced? From Juliet to Desdemona, Portia to Ophelia, Lady M to Kate Shrew , Jude will demonstrate the huge emotional power and complexity these of these famous female roles.

This fascinating evening is more than just a presentation, it’s a conversation – indeed a provocation – by the founder of WOW Global to discuss how we can best shape the future of gender-equality by learning from the past.