The {Fashion} House party

The {Fashion} House party


11:00 - 21:00

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This is an open invitation to come and hang out at wonderlust on June the 25.

Okay, so it is a Tuesday but we figured what better day than the often overlooked Tuesday

and we’re starting at 11 because we know some people have school runs …

This is an opportunity to introduce ourselves to as many new faces, have a quick cuddle with some familiar ones and spread sparkle in absence of sunshine!

Clear your calendar, bunk off work and we can have our very own (fashion) House Party on a sleepy Tuesday in Teddington.

you’ll probably have more fun than you think 🥰

Q: can we serve drinks at 11am?

(I’m not asking “legally” more…”optimistically)

Join us from 11 am at 30 High St for some unplanned fun!