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MiD Mediation helps those involved in family breakdown to communicate better with one another and reach their own decisions about all or some of the issues arising from separation or divorce.

Splitting up? Separated? Confused?

Has your relationship broken down? Are you uncertain about what to do next? Feeling confused or angry? Worried about your children?

Finding it hard to talk to your (former) partner about matters you need to decide together e.g. children, finances, your home, your futures?

Would it help to talk to a professional? Mediators help couples and families sort out what to do next. They provide help, support and information on the practical things in a way that is sensitive to your feelings, and to the needs of all family members, especially children.

Mediation can help if you are in any of these situations:

  • considering divorce or separation
  • still living together but plan to part;
  • are already divorced or separated;
  • have any dispute over parenting arrangements;
  • are not married to each other;
  • are in a same-sex relationship;
  • are a grandparent or other family member wanting to make arrangements to see children.

Other services offered by MiD include Children’s and Adult Counselling which provides an opportunity to talk things through and to acknowledge and deal with painful emotions. It can help individuals to come to terms with change and loss and begin to think about rebuilding their future.

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