Njinga Cycling


Njinga Cycling is a local business and has built a welcoming cycling community since our launch in 2012. At Njinga we offer an all-round approach to cycling training through indoor and outdoor coaching. We support new and development riders looking to improve their technique, efficiency, confidence and overall fitness. We also work with cyclists who are looking to finesse key skills to improve their ability to compete in races or take on key cycling challenges.

Indoor training
Our daily indoor classes are suitable for all abilities with different classes throughout the week that focus on different training options to build endurance, sprinting and climbing ability. We also have regular Functional Threshold Power (FTP) testing timeslots, group indoor training programmes such as our infamous Ride London programme, workshops, and 1 to 1 indoor sessions. To complement our cycling training, we also offer Yoga for Cyclists and Strength & Conditioning for Cyclists.

We believe we offer a unique indoor offering in our wattbike studio. These are not spin classes. Our classes are created to develop a cyclist’s fitness and to help them perfect their technique. Our staff are made up of British Cycling Coaches and Indoor Cycling Instructors.

All new riders receive a 15 minute welcome briefing before the start of a class where the instructor will provide an individual bike set up and introduction to the wattbke. We finish classes with a 15-minute cool and stretch down routine.

We offer all new clients 2 indoor classes for £14.

Find our schedule here: www.njingacycling.com/indoor/#schedule

Outdoor Coaching
Our 1:1 Outdoor Coaching is with our British Cycling Coaches. These sessions can be booked by calling The Lab. Find out more here: http://www.njingacycling.com/outdoor/#coaching

The Njinga Collective
This is a non-for profit outdoor riding group. You ride with friends and fellow riders who share the same passion and love for cycling as you do! We have created an incredible community or riders. The camaraderie and spirit of The Njinga Collective is unique and like no other team or organisation.

We offer 4 different speed groups on each of the Ride Captain led rideouts. They are:
• Group 1: Kalulu – The Hare (average 16mph).
• Group 2: Mkango – The Lion (average 15mph).
• Group 3: Njati – The Buffalo (average 14mph).
• Group 4: Mbidzi – The Zebra (Average 12-13mph).

Find out more about The Njinga Collective at: http://www.njingacycling.com/blog/njinga-collective-2018/

Contact Details

Njinga Cycling
1-2 Home Park Parade
Hampton Wick
KT1 4BY.

Website: njingacycling.com
Email: info@njingacycling.com
Tel: 0208 251 9788

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NjingaCycling/
Instagram: @NjingaCycling
Twitter: @NjingaCycling

Opening Times

Monday: 9am-8pm
Tuesday: 9am-8pm
Wednesday: 9am-8pm
Thursday: 9am-8pm
Friday: 8am-7pm
Saturday: 8am-10am
Sunday: 9am-1.30pm