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For as long as I can remember, I have loved to cook and create a comfy and cosy home. I have always been on the lookout for things to make my kitchen time fun and easy, and my down time warm & relaxing.  It’s a passion I shared with my greatest friend Suzi.  Many’s the time we could be found scouring villages for market stalls & boutique shops looking for those perfect little items that made life easier and more fun.

So why The Secret Cabin?

Before Suzi died after a 10 year long and brave battle with cancer, she asked me to do one thing for her, to keep talking and laughing about her. The Secret Cabin is me keeping that promise.

The Secret Cabin does actually exist. In 2010, having retired from London, a beautiful wooden cabin was built on Suzi’s parents land without permission (shhhh!): Time had become so precious and to have her own haven with her own treasures became increasingly important.

Because of this, I named it ‘The Secret Cabin’.  I used to tiptoe from my car to the cabin and whisper “Hello” It became a standing joke and would have us giggling every time.  The Secret Cabin became everyone’s favourite place.  It was where she had many happy times with her friends cooking and laughing and enjoying life.  So I couldn’t think of a better way to keep Suzi talked about: To celebrate life and laughter and our love for food!

Everything you see on my website, and all those items I display on my stall, have all been tried, tested, carefully chosen and curated for The Secret Cabin. From the gorgeous hanging photo frames, to the lovely ceramic milk jug to the GENIUS onion goggles that have stopped me having to stuff sunglasses with tissues or adopting Suzi’s method and suffocating from sucking on a spoon whilst holding my breath.

I’m based in Teddington and will personally deliver for free to anyone who lives here!

We will also be exhibiting at this years Teddington Village Fair on 26th June. Come and say hello!



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