Uptown Bake

Uptown Bake can provide you with the perfect cake(s) for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, celebration or simply because you NEED cake!

Based in Twickenham/Richmond, I can create something crazy and kooky or beautifully simple, depending on the occasion and the cake consumers. Most importantly, these tasty treats are affordable – every bit as stylish, professional and delicious as the top pro bakeries, but without the heart-stopping price tag!

You may have an exact picture of what you’re after in your head, or you may have no idea at all – either way, I will come up with a bake that ticks all the boxes. If you’re planning a wedding and you’d like a clear idea of exactly how it’ll look on your big day, I will provide sketches and ink/watercolour paintings – something I will generally always develop in the planning stages of any bake.

Prices are agreed on consultation – delivery within London available.

Get in touch with your cake ideas/wishes/desires and we can chat further!