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Bushy Park: Foot and Mouth precautions

NewsFoot and Mouth disease precautions have been put in place at Bushy Park.

Plans have been drawn up to close Richmond and Bushy Park if the outbreak spreads to the area. A second case was confirmed in Surrey on Tuesday.

Visitors are advised to:

  • Keep to paths and tracks
  • Do not approach the deer
  • Keep dogs on leads
  • Take any waste including food home with you

The main concern for the Parks deer are that their feed may have been supplied from a source close to one of the affected farms.

Park Rangers are under instructions to closely monitor the Park deer for signs of the disease which has previously devastated the UKs farming community in 2001. During this particular outbreak both Richmond and Bushy parks were closed to the public for over six weeks to help stop the spread of the deadly disease and protect the deer – a decision that caused traffic misery for many. The lack of Park access was one contributing factor to the closure of Teddington Park Lane Stables which re-opened in 2008.


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