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CPZ comes into force

NewsA controlled parking zone (CPZ) will come into force next week after years of campaigning, consultations and wrangling between local residents, business, local organisations and councillors.

Parking has always been a major issue around some roads in central Teddington – none more so that those that surround the station.

Although the majority of responders to a public consultation voted against the proposals, the roads closest to the station understandably voted for scheme.

The zone will operate from 8:30 to 10:30am Monday to Friday primarily to prevent all day long commuter parking in particular roads whilst reducing any impact on residents and shoppers.

As with similar schemes elsewhere in the borough opinion is divided about whether the scheme should go ahead.

Those fighting for the CPZ cite the following positive factors:

  • The CPZ would alleviate major parking issues around the station caused by commuters (due to the lack of a substantial station car park)
  • Reduce traffic around the smaller sideroads in this area
  • Allows residents to park outside near their houses rather than being force to park several streets away
  • Improves access for emergency, refuse and other utility vehicles
  • Encourages low CO2 emitting vehicles in suburban areas

Arguments against the scheme include:

  • Would simply displace the problem area further away from the station
  • Scheme would reduce the number of available parking spaces
  • Discourage shoppers from having parking access for the high-street
  • Unnecessary cost in signage, road markings, patrolling etc
  • Additional cost for parking (permits) but without a guarantee of a space


See also The Teddington Societies documentation on the CPZ issue.

[Update October 2008] After further a consultation the scheme is to be extended to now also include Springfield Road

[Update December 2008] Larger area consulted about widening the area further.

[Update July 2008] further extension and misc amendments proposed.


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