“Dead or Alive” / “Painting The Science” art exhibitions at the NPL

NPLTwo art exhibitions will be on display at the NPL from the 11th March 2009 by appointment only: ‘DEAD or ALIVE’ and ‘Painting the Science’

A visual and sonic exploration of sound and the environment.
Wednesday 11th March 2009 (17.00 – 21.00), National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 0LW.

As part of Science and Engineering Week, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Hampton Road, Teddington is hosting an innovative exhibition of contemporary art entitled DEAD or ALIVE by Glasgow artist Marianne Greated and also ‘Painting the Science’ an exhibition of painting and drawings and photographs by NPL resident artist Lee Campbell.

DEAD or ALIVE will be of great interest to artists and scientists alike as the exhibition is a visual and sonic exploration of sound in the environment with paintings and soundscapes set in very unusual acoustic environments; the hemi-anechoic room (dead) and the reverberation room (alive).

Lee Campbell has been working in a meeting room converted to a studio in NPL and has been collaborating with scientists to produce artwork based on images from their research. The work will initially be on display in the foyer of NPL and the exhibition will continue at the Mackenzie Gallery, High St Teddington from 16th March.

If you wish to attend, please RSVP to: or call: 020 8943 6447.

Sam Gresham
Communications Manager
National Physical Laboratory
Hampton Road | Teddington | TW11 0LW
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