Upper Lodge sells for a cool £8m

Situated within Bushy Park, the grand and historic residence of Upper Lodge dates back to at least 1537. It recently sold for close to the £8.85 million asking price.

Its previous owners are as varied as they are many: old records list park-keepers as the earliest residents, the Duke of Clarence lived here for some time but the estate and park were left to the Crown after his death. After WWI, Canadian troops were housed here, it was later used as a school for East End boys with respiratory diseases. After a short stint with the US Air Force from 1942-1944, the area was transferred to the Admiralty to become a centre for testing navy ships and ordinance. The MOD finally returned the estate back to the Crown in 1994.

If you’ve ever wondered about the origins of the unusual round-shaped house next door, the Rotunda started life as the largest of the testing facility buildings from the old naval site – a large circular torpedo testing tank. At the time of press this was also for sale for the asking price of £4 million.


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