Teddington In Flower 2009

EventsTeddington Society’s annual “Teddington In Flower” event will be held on Sunday 7th June this year. There will be nine private gardens open to the public this year as well as the Nature Trail at Collis School and an Art Exhibition at the Powder Rooms, also last but not least tea, cakes and hand bell ringing at St Mary with St Alban Church.

The gardens will be open to the public 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm. Proceeds from the 50p per person admission fee to each garden will go to BackCare and other local good causes. Last year over £2000 was raised for charities.

Map of the gardens open on the day (note: locations are accurate to postcode)

[Update] Despite the first half of the day being a bit of a washout with torrential rain and thunderstorms, the afternoon thankfully remained dry. £1050 was raised for BackCare along with £300 from Church teas and £200 from Collis School from teas and plant sales.


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  • This is absolutely delightful. I hope lots of people will visit as it’s all for the BackCare, HomeStart Richmond and other local charities. At only 50p minimum entry per garden and donations at the Church it’s certainly value for money. At The Powder Rooms you can have a glass of Pimms for £1 whilst enjoying the art.


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