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The next local blood donation is on Tuesday 23rd June at Teddington Baptist Church Hall, Church Road.

Appointments are recommended rather than just turning up on the day. You can arrange to come in between 13:00-15:30 and 17:00-19:30.

You may donate during the lunch hour – your ability to work in the afternoon shouldn’t be affected! For those not available until later, you can attend the second session.

  • Almost anyone between the ages of 17 and 65 can become a new blood donor
  • Yes the cliche is true – you will get a free cup of tea and biscuit with your donation!
  • Approx 4% of the population give blood and more donors are always needed
  • Blood group O is best found in the north of England – a throwback to 1200 years ago when everyone was that group and before the Vikings changed our blood type forever
  • Blood group A is more prominent in the South – a result of the many European invasions
  • Aside from the obvious urgent need created by serious accidents & during operations, blood stocks are also used for patients with terminal illnesses to improve their quality of life and also to keep accident victims alive for long enough for their loves ones to get to see them for the last time.

[Update 18th June] All appointment slots now have been taken for this day but you can try nearer the date to see if any have been cancelled.


0 thoughts on “Give Blood

  • Chris Royall

    Thanks for this info. I have signed up to the site and booked an appointment.

    Let’s hope lots of people turn up to help out.


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