Get your trees right here

If you haven’t yet bought your Christmas tree then fear not – there are plenty of ways to still get hold of one in the area.

Zeldaland Flowers have a range of very small trees, individual branches and wreaths to suit those with limited space. The empty floor space left by Tile Depot is temporarily being used to sell trees fresh from local Surrey farms (as these are freshly cut they will need stands).

Teddington Garden Centre have a large stock of Norwegian Spruce non-drop variety starting at £35 ranging from 4-6ft – these are a mixture of cut trunks and also potted trees with full roots so you can even pot them after Christmas and keep them for next year. Trees with wooden stands are being sold near the Waldegrave Pub re-development and Squires is well stocked with trees too.

To get the most out of your tree and hopefully have it lasting well in to the New Year make sure you don’t place it near heat sources such as radiators, also turn off the decoration lights over night and when you’re out. If you can, cut a slice off the base of the tree before you mount it – this removes any layers of dried sap and enables the tree to absorb the water more easily.

Some tree-sellers recommend adding half a cop of sugar to every gallon of water added to the base supply. Some also recommend a drop or two of bleach (an old florist trick for preserving plants and flowers in general).


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