Winter road cleaning catches drivers off-guard

Keep an eye-out for the “No loading” notices attached to lampposts on nearby roads – at this time of year Richmond Council has rolling temporary no-parking zones on particular dates. This is so that street-cleaning teams can give gutters a good clean and properly remove dead leaves and other debris to keep drain covers clear and prevent localised flooding.

On the dates in question the side of the roads chosen will have yellow police cones and staff to hand to advise drivers not to park but some residents and commuters alike have either left cars parked in these areas or simply parked in a hurry and rushed off without noticing the restrictions or that they will be getting a parking ticket & penalty charge.

Note also changes to parking enforcement over Christmas and New Year. Also the waiver of the parking discount Richmond Card administration charges has been extended until January 4th 2010.

If have been given a ticket that you wish to contest, Richmond Council have detailed the appeal process here.


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