A haiku a day keeps the doctor away

EventsFive years ago Teddington poet Hamish Ironside began a self-set task of writing a haiku every day for a year. His poems have now been compiled into a book.

The book is split into 12 chapters with illustrations – each representing a different month of the year. The chosen 120 were selected from the 365 three-line poems, some not entirely sticking to the traditional strict format of haiku’s to make them more accessible to those new to the genre.

Hamish also introduces humour into his poems and you also may recognise some of the sights and sounds of the river that inspired some of his lines.

Our Sweet Little Time” is available from local Waterstone’s shops.


One thought on “A haiku a day keeps the doctor away

  • I’ll certainly look forward to reading the haiku. I like the idea of a series of haiku capturing sights and sounds of a particular river too.

    all my best,

    With Words


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