Help save the world while you shop

NewsFrom 1st February 2010, shops that sell more than 32Kg of batteries per year are now required by the Government to provide facilities to allow customers to recycle used batteries for free.

This is part of an EU-wide directive to increase battery recycling rates across the whole of Europe. Most people either don’t realise that batteries can be recycled or know how to do this. Having these collection facilities within high-street shops should this process much easier and decrease the volume of batteries going into landfill waste sites which can pollute the soil and water and ultimately pollute the Earth and affect our health.

These ‘portable batteries’ include rechargeable and disposable ones – ranging from the usual sizes AA, AAA to D’s etc as well as the smaller button types found in hearing aids and watches, also batteries for mobile phones, laptops, cordless tools, razors and toothbrushes. See here for more comprehensive list and details.

Current recycling targets are 25% by 2012 and 45% by 2016.

Battery recycling bin at Tescos (above) and Marks & Spencers (below)


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