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Freedom Pass chaos

NewsThe system for issuing the new anti-fraud Freedom Pass is facing criticism from pensioners – some of whom have already waited two months since applying with no update.

Staff had been telling applicants to expect a wait of just 10 days to receive their new pass but after delays of several weeks, frustrated inquirers also found that the information phone line was almost permanently engaged or had lengthy waits held in a queue to receive any information.

The Post Office has confirmed that there have been delays to applications at the Teddington branch and have been writing to those affected. The problem is particularly worrying considering that pensioners are less likely to get updates online and are having trouble getting through to the phone help line. Many fear that their passes will no longer work after March but a substantial grace period has been granted due to the delays.

The Council have ensured applicants that they will have sent out passes to all that have currently applied before the end of March.


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