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Potential threat to Teddington Memorial Hospital

NewsImportant changes are being put forward for Teddington Memorial Hospital (TMH) that may start to echo the situation it found itself in during the 1980’s when residents had to fight hard to keep the hospital open.

At that time, it was aligned with West Middlesex Hospital and was near the point of closure – this was the situation that led the League of Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital to launch a campaign to ensure it remained open.

Currently the hospital is at risk of being aligned with another hospital trust or a larger organisation. Whilst there is no planned or immediate threat, supporters are keen to not allow a similar situation that may lead to the slow decline of funds and ultimately potentially risk closure in the future.

TMH was built with money from a generous benefactor and donations from the community in 1928. Facilities and Equipment have been improved and upgraded over the years with funds raised by the League with great support from the community. Being aligned to another acute or community trust would not ensure its survival and provision of the priceless resource that it offers the surrounding community.

Members of the Friends are asking for as many of us to lobby against these proposals as possible. This should only take a few moments of your time and you can do this in a number of ways:

1. Print out this pre-formatted letter and send it to the listed freepost address.

2. Register your opposition by emailing:

3. Write to The Friends at:
The League of Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital
Hampton Road
TW11 8BR


4 thoughts on “Potential threat to Teddington Memorial Hospital

  • Mr & Mrs C. Ware

    My husband and I are very concerned that Teddington Hospital could be under threat. In our opinion it is the most efficient and caring hospital in the area. We would always choose Teddington over any other hospital. Teddington really cares about its patients. Please add our names to your appeal.

  • Peter Hale

    Our Teddington Hospital is one of the most caring and efficient hospitals in the area, with a new GP facility up and going. Why change something that is a credit to the NHS, when changes to some of the other hospitals in the area would make a vast difference, like car parking for patients and visitors.
    It seems to be the old adage, if it is working change it

  • peter crofts

    Please tell Daphne Caunt that we have been trying to get in touch with her and that we will try further. regards, Peter Crofts


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