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Winter effects still being felt

Don’t let the few days of warm spring sunshine fool you, the area is still feeling the effects of the coldest winter in 30 years.

Around the country trees are still without leaves despite some species usually having a glorious full bloom by this time each year. As reported by the
Daily Mail
, until recently the trees that line Chestnut Avenue in Bushy Park (you’ll recognise them from the ever-changing site image at the top of the page!) have remained bare much further into the year than normal.

Some trees have just started to show foliage but others (especially ‘street trees’) may not show any leaves at all due to the extra high levels of salt in their soil from the unprecedented frequency of road salting that occurred over the winter.

Elsewhere Richmond Council is working its way through the backlog of road and pavement potholes that the harsh winter has caused. Inspections were carried out on major routes but residents are encouraged to use the online notification service to tell the council about the worse potholes near where they live so these can also prioritised and fixed.


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