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The skies around Heathrow have slowly but surely returned to business as usual – good news for those still stranded abroad.

A strange new phenomenon took hold of the nation – plane spotting! After a break of almost a week, residents are for the time-being at least acutely aware of low flying planes passing over the borough, especially during quiet walks in green spaces.

Planes return to the flight-path over Bushy Park

Heathrow is allowed a certain number of night-time flights (11pm-6am) each season and this limit was temporarily lifted so that airlines could make headway getting the backlog of stranded passengers home. Campaigners have however urged the Government not to use this precedent for non-emergency situations in the future.

Miles Couchman documented his own personal battle against the travel chaos that took him from his Teddington flat to Lanzarote to be with his wife – an epic voyage that included cancelled flights, overbooked Eurostar, an unexpected holiday in Paris, just missing the Spanish industrial strike, a late train and a mad taxi/dash for a plane.

Meanwhile back home, the glorious weather we’ve been experiencing has spurred many home and shop-owners to tackle the garden and get the paintbrushes out for a spring spruce-up.


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