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Local group bidding for hydro scheme

NewsThe Environment Agency plans to turn the energy created at Teddington Weir into green power has attracted interest from a local group based in Ham – they are submitting their plans this week along with other companies that will all vie for the rights to run the project.

The “Ham Hydro Project” aims to provide clean electricity from the hydropower installation and use the income generated to further develop low-carbon solutions in Ham, Teddington and other areas within the borough.

The project which will generate power using Archimedes screws is being submitted by the Ham United Group which was formed by Ham residents to improve their local environment and raise ecological awareness.

Project manager Chas Warlow explains more in this presentation:

The remit of the non-profit group doesn’t stop at the Weir proposals – now that this proposal has been submitted they are asking for suggestions for further local renewable energy ideas.

In addition to supporting this application, Richmond Council is also separately submitting their interest although no detailed plans are known as yet.


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