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Power outage hits Teddington

NewsTeddington experienced a rare widespread power cut around mid-day on Sunday.

Across the area, wondering if they had missed a bill payment, people wandered outside to see if their neighbours were having the same problem and soon found that everyone was experiencing the same issue – an eerie silence was suddenly upon us.

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The issue was triggered by a series of events stemming from an underground network problem that had at that point lasted several days. Work to fix this issue included a network-switch which then lost power to approximately 7,500 homes in the area. More than half of these were re-connected 10-20 minutes later and not long after the network was back to normal.

The outage kept police busy with calls concerning activated alarms and shops were unable to process payments for this short time.

EDF local distribution network

Don’t forget to reset any mains-powered digital around your house – no-one wants to miss waking up for work after the bank holiday weekend!


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