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Help your local school during Recycle Week

NewsIt’s National Recycle Week from 21st to the 27th June 2010 and this year the main focus will be WEEEs! This decidedly silly acronym stands for small waste, electrical and electronic equipment.

Old equipment such as mobile phones, IT kit, kettles, hair dryers, shavers, lawnmowers, drills etc – basically anything with a plug, uses batteries or is rechargeable fall into this category.

This scheme is mainly for electricals that aren’t in working order so why not check out your shed/garage or that ‘miscellaneous drawer’ to see if any items that qualify (or have a crossed-out wheelie bin logo on it). An estimated three-quarters of all households have unused WEEE items lying around that could be recycled – these contain plastics and metals that can find use in new products.

These items can be recycled at Townmead Road Re-use and Recycling Centre where you will receive tokens for some small items that can be registered to a school participating to win various prizes and vouchers.

Local schools in this scheme are:

  • Hampton Hill Junior School, Hampton Hill
  • Holy Trinity C of E Primary School, Richmond
  • Orleans Infant School, Twickenham
  • St Richard with St Andrew’s C of E Primary School, Ham
  • St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School, Richmond
  • Stanley Infant School, Teddington
  • Waldegrave School for Girls, Twickenham

If however you have any items that are still in working order, you can also donate these to one of over 90 British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electrical stores across the UK to help raise money for this worthwhile charity. The full list of stores can be found here: – smaller donations can be dropped off at these locations or you can arrange for larger items such as furniture to be picked up.

[Update] Holy Trinity School in Richmond won this challenge and won £500 of gardening vouchers.


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