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Hampton Wick bridge work – have your say

The rail-bridge next to Hampton Wick station is due essential bridge-strengthening works by Network Rail in late July of this year which will require all or part of the road to be closed for several weeks.

Due to the nature of the sheer amount of traffic that currently travels through underneath this bridge, Richmond Council will be holding a public meeting so that road users can find out more about the work needed and have their say on how they would like the road closure to occur.

After the meeting, the Council will feedback to Network Rail which is the most preferred method, taking into account public opinion.

Two main methods will be put forward for comment and feedback:

• Full road closure of Upper Teddington Road for eight weeks at the bridge; diversion along Church Grove/Sandy Lane/Park Road.

• One side of the carriageway to be closed, with temporary traffic signals at the bridge for 10 weeks, with an advisory diversion along Church Grove/Sandy Lane/Park Road. In addition, a full closure of the road would be required on four weekends.

There hasn’t yet been any mention of how bus-users along the High Street / Kingston Road / Upper Teddington Road stretch will get to their destinations if the road is completely closed despite this busy bus route serving local schools, the Langdon Down Centre and old people’s homes.

Even if it remains partly open, queues will be inevitable and might mirror the long delays that plagued the area during the Kingston Bridge widening work 10 years ago. Despite this work being carried out by Network Rail, Richmond Council is also considering whether to coincide needed road-resurfacing along this stretch of road to minimise any further disruption.

The meeting will take place a 7:30pm on Thursday 24th of June in the Bullen Hall, Bennett Close, Hampton Wick. Network Rail and Richmond Council are both keen for those living nearby and users of this stretch of road to give their feedback so 1,000 homes will receive a letter about the works & meeting along with posters in local businesses, libraries, train stations and lampposts near the bridge and along major bus routes. If you prefer to make your comments known online you can do so by filling in this form.


0 thoughts on “Hampton Wick bridge work – have your say

  • Given that the work needs to be done, and doing nothing is not an option, I would suggest the road is totally closed during the summer holidays (mid-July to end-August) when traffic significantly falls off. Unfortunately I guess it will be too late to do it this summer.

    If the summer holidays are not quite long enough, then the remainder could presumably be done with one open lane.

    There is no easy solution to buses, but maybe they could go down Normansfield Avenue and along Lower Teddington Road?

  • I agree, buses are definitely going to be a problem with a road closure.

    I think bridge height might be the reason why Seymour Road (13-0) and Lower Teddington Road (14-3) vs the current (15-9) which double-deckers don’t have that much clearance underneath.


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