Tickets available for new comedy

New comedy show “Big Man Small Hammer” is to be filmed at Teddington Studios and you can be part of the audience for what might prove to be a hit show.

Hosted by Greg Davies, this new format unscripted show will feature 12 comics who will try to out-do each other by creating ridiculous suggestions as well as having the nerve to act them out.

The line-up so far is:

  • Stephen K Amos
  • Russell Kane
  • Phil Nicol
  • Lee Kern
  • Rob Deering
  • Charlie Baker
  • Micky Flanagan
  • Katherine Ryan
  • Kirstin O’Brien
  • Holly Walsh

The recording will take place on Wednesday 28th July at 7.00pm (doors close 7.15pm)

Tickets are issued via e-mail and over 18s only – check out LostInTV for details on how to apply.


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