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Happy Pottering

There is already a buzz about the new pottery painting business that will appear on Teddington high street – they’ve already got their first party booking before the shop even opens!

Happy Potter Ceramics is currently situated in a coffee shop in Weybridge on weekends but owners wanted to make this into a full-time business and bring this fun family activity to a wider audience.

Pottery painting is a fun, educational and child-friendly activity that will be available in the new shop – you can choose from a wide selection of bisque: mugs, teapots, cookie jars etc which you paint and leave to be fired in their kiln to pick up later. The pieces themselves make great bespoke and thoughtful gifts that will be treasured for many years.

They also offer a pottery kit so that you can spend longer on your designs at home, kids parties (on site and off), special commissions and baby foot-prints. This creative process won’t be limited to just pottery – you can create your own umbrella or tote bags designs amongst others.

Parents can join in the fun or instead relax with a coffee from their cafe which will also serve fresh sandwiches, a wide selection of different teas and coffee, cup cakes, flapjacks, brownies, crisps and jars of old-fashioned boiled sweets.

The shop will be very child-friendly, from the bouncy chairs for mums or dads to put their babies in to the dino or heart-shaped sandwiches in the kid’s lunch boxes! The garden at the back will also allow for outdoor activities and will host the useful ‘Buggy Park’.

Lots of special events will be held through the year for example the first one will be a kids Halloween party where the little terrors can dress up and paint some scary themed-pieces.

The shop will be open Monday-Saturday 10am -6pm and Sunday 11-5. Out of hour bookings are also welcome on request.


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