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Confusion over tree-felling

NewsThis is the view that commuters and residents now face opposite Adelaide Road. Sadly this 150 year old horse chestnut had to be felled recently not long after the Papal cavalcade passed underneath it, travelling along one of the more pleasant tree-lined roads in Teddington.

Council arboricultural Officers surveyed trees in Park Road and found issues last December that would lead to the decision to fell some of the mature specimens along this road. In particular this prominent horse chestnut was found to be colonised extensively with an aggressive root/stem decay fungus which could cause health and safety issues to the public, nearby houses and the road.

Nearby residents have voiced their surprise and concern at the felling because explanatory notices were not attached to the tree before removal, as is usually the case. The blame for this appears to be on the contractors for failing to put up pre-made signs on this occasion.

Although several young horse chestnuts have replaced older trees in the last 20 years, they are now thought to be too susceptible to pathogens so this one will be replaced with a black walnut (some time early next year).

Other smaller trees have also been removed in line with council policy – most were dead at the time – these will be replaced with field maples. The height and shape of trees along Park Lane and Sandy Lane have been in the spotlight recently due to the increased number of double-decker buses taking this route due to the Hampton Wick bridge diversion.

Elsewhere in the borough, a search is underway to find out who has severely cut back a protected tree in a conservation area in Twickenham without authorisation – an act that could lead to prosecution.


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