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Richmond Housing Partnership moves to Teddington

NewsA shiny new office building on Waldegrave Road (next to the library) is now open and its tenants have moved in.

Richmond Housing Partnership (together with Co-Op Homes) is a local housing company and a member of the National Housing Federation as well as being a registered charity. This social landlord group was established in 2000 following a stock transfer from Richmond Council.

You may have noticed the white RHP vans out and about visiting & fixing issues in properties in the borough – the association owns and manages over 8000 homes in Richmond and Hounslow and employs 225 people.

RHP’s purpose is “to provide good quality, affordable homes for people in need and to deliver excellent landlord services and to support the development of successful communities.”

Due to its location next to Waldegrave Library and opposite Meadow Cottages, the modern design raised a few eyebrows but is certainly an improvement on the dilapidated Paint Research Association buildings that used to occupy this site.

This new building has enabled the RHP to introduce modern cost-saving such as roof-mounted solar panels to reduce energy bills (making it one of the most highly environmentally rated buildings in London). The central office replaces previous ones in Twickenham and Brentford and offers far better accessibility for customers and is easy to reach by foot, bus, car or train.


0 thoughts on “Richmond Housing Partnership moves to Teddington

  • Peter Denton

    I must say I think this is a very stylish development which adds to the town’s architectural diversity – and, as you say, a huge improvement on what was there before. It’s good to have a modern, good-looking building that incorporates some cutting-edge environmental credentials, too.

  • Anne Marie Martin

    Nice building but they are all parking in our road, Teddington Park, so it’s a complete pain for residents!

  • tteditor

    Sorry to hear that Anne, does it sound like the building doesn’t have enough parking spaces?

    I’m surprised that this wasn’t also more of a concern with the Travelodge plans on Park Road too – extra parking pressure in central Teddington is never welcome.


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