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Crime Update

Burglaries seem to be on the increase for the area after several high-profile incidents – police are advising residents and businesses to be extra vigilant.

Elements Mini-Me children’s hairdressers was broken into one weekend in late February – thieves broke through a window (cutting themselves enough to leave blood behind) and made away with flatscreen TV, an iPod, two hair dryers and DVDs. If you might have witnessed anything suspicious in the early hours of Sunday 20th February then get in touch with salon owners on 020 8943 5164.

A local company based on Park Road that transcribes information for visually impaired and disabled clients through charities, local authorities and government bodies had their office door smashed in to gain access and then steal a laptop, projector and laptop cases containing training materials. Attempts were also made to break into an adjoining office but as gloves were worn, no prints were left at the scene.

Elsewhere in Teddington four kegs of beer were stolen from outside the back of the Teddington Arms on the morning of Friday 4th March. The metal kegs are not small items that could be easily moved or stored without noticing and need specialist equipment to use – if you hear about any 22 gallon kegs of Fosters/Kronenbourg or 11 gallon kegs of Symonds cider then please get in touch.

Nearby Hampton Wick has also suffered from burglaries of late with one house in Hampton Court Road being stripped of all valuables and the buildings in and around the high street being targeted.

As you can see from above and the recently published crime statistics there are thieves operating in the area so make sure your homes and businesses are as secure as you can make them.

Bikes are also a popular target for stealing with Richmond Borough having particularly high numbers averaging about 600 per year and approximately three a month within Teddington itself. Only 6% of stolen bikes are recovered – you can help increase this number by securely storing bikes and having them security marked at Police events for free.

If you have any information about any of these events then please contact the police.


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