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Divorce support group in Teddington

NewsIf you or someone you know has suffered the misfortune of going through a divorce there is a local support group that may be of interest.

Meeting weekly in Teddington, groups are small, safe and informal groups where all are welcome to join in over a cup of tea. The plan is with some serious work (with a little fun and laughter along the way) to get you moving from where you are now to where you want to be. If you don’t know where you want to be then the group can help with that too.

The support groups will help members to:

  • Face your innermost fears
  • Re-programme that crazy soundtrack running in your head
  • Feel clearer in your mind so you can make the best decisions
  • Re-build your self-confidence and enhance your belief in yourself

A recent morning divorce support group had the following feedback:
“Just wishing to thank you for all the help your support group has given me. It’s made me…. stronger, teaching me to respect myself and listen to myself, giving me the strength to put boundaries in place with my husband/ex. It was great meeting other people in different stages of divorce who were all so friendly and supportive, I will highly recommend you to anybody having difficulties. Thank you.”

Check out their website for more details and pricing. There is a new block discount available for sessions starting on the 16 of March 2011.

More members feedback:

The guidance (from what seemed like being in the wilderness) has helped me to see what really matters and what really doesn’t. Knowledge and understanding can be empowering.”

The support group is an excellent way to be reminded to access inner strengths, knowledge and resources both within myself and from the other participants”.

Diana Jordan
Divorce Consultant
Tel: 01932 765421


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