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Cameras bring good and bad news for Richmond Council

NewsResidents will soon be able to watch Richmond Council planning committee meetings on the web and gain an insight into the planning process.

Planning meetings will be recorded, archived and available on Richmond Council’s website from June onwards – a method for transparency requested by the Richmond United Group for some time.

A recent court ruling against Richmond Council could lead to a raft of appeals against previously paid parking tickets for motorists across the borough.

Nigel Wise believes that cameras used on CCTV cars used to enforce parking violations have not been properly certified since March 2007. Although the cars are believed to actually have the correct license, a mistake in paperwork meant that his appeal was won on a technicality which has since been corrected.

[Update] “Masked bikers descended on the council’s offices to demand motorists are paid back more than £1m in parking fines.”

[Update] A three-month period will soon be announced (probably in September) where drivers who were issued a parking ticket from a camera car (from April 2009 until April 2011) will be able to appeal their ticket and apply for a refund.

[Update] from Richmond Council: due to a technical delay, the planning meetings video scheme will now go live in early Autumn 2011


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