Photo Update

As usual with this time of year there have been lots of weather-created scenes captured lately.

The location of a pot of gold in Teddington is highlighted by a bright rainbow last week. Photo: OnlyWayIsGinger.

A spooky Bushy Park scene during the recent heavy fog. Photo: Grant Russell.

More misty scenes this time from Justin Hannaford who captured a runner cutting through the grey.

Teddington footbridge and a bit of history along with it including the history of Ferry Road, named after the ferry that used to operate here before the bridge was built. Photo: Eddie Chui (c).

A stunning sunset and deer shot taken by Media Wisdom Photography

Another great turn-out for the Santa Fun Run in Bushy Park in aide of Princess Alice Hospice. Photo: LiteMeterPix. More pics here.

A long exposure creates a ghost train at Teddington Station. Photo: Baptiste Blanchon.


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