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The Times on the running community of Teddington

NewsThe Saturday Times included an article about Mo Farah’s early days in the UK and how “Teddington has become a running community” with the help of PACE Sports Management.

An un-assuming semi-detached house has produced a steady stream of world-class athletes in recent years and made locals used to the sight of the “Teddington Kenyans”. PACE Sports Management under the leadership of Ricky Simms owns “the running house” where hopefuls eat and train together in nearby Bushy and Richmond Parks as well as the track at St Mary’s University.

Olympic, Commonwealth and World Champions have all been through the training process at this “enclave of excellence” where Mo first noticed how obsessed the Kenyans were with their training regime. At certain times of the year, PACE-managed Usain Bolt also can be seen training in the area, staying at a B&B and feeding his love for Chinese food at a local takeaway.

Although travelling the world for training and competitions, Mo regularly returns home to his home nearby and his beloved training ground. This weekend he was back running in Bushy Park again, this particular time with Stars Gym.

Teddington is seen by many as a ‘base of Excellence’ for training due to nearby Bushy Park, equipment specialists Sweatshop, personal trainers such as gym-free In-Kilter Fitness and sports injury specialists such as Physio & Therapy.

Even if you’re not aiming to be a professional athlete there is plenty of encouragement and advice available nearby and you can also join in the free Bushy parkrun every Saturday at 9am.


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  • Maggie B

    I knew I recognised them whilst walking the dogs! Tried to catch them up but impossible.


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