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Photo update

Lots of river and early-morning action for this photo update.

Getting up early in the morning to train canoeists on the Thames definitely its benefits, like this stunning sunrise. Photo: GB canoeing coach and 3 times Olympian sprint canoer Paul Darby-Dowman

F1 presenter Jake Humphrey celebrates reaching Teddington Lock with a Vettel ‘number one’ finger. The Lock marks the halfway point on a 10k run from his home in Richmond as part of pre-season training that isn’t limited to just the drivers!

Someone clearly likes exploring local scenes early! A still and moody morning on the Thames and early morning reflections at The Architects Gallery. Photos: sardinista

We have so far escaped the harsh winter of last year but some frosty mornings have started to creep up on us and with the plummeting temperatures, this week will see some great winter scenes in the park. Photos: Max Ellis


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