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Police Update

Extra uniform and plain clothed police checks and patrols have been carried out in Teddington/Hampton Wick after the area unfortunately had a rash of 8 burglaries over the weekend of 15th-18th June. 3 restaurants were broken into in the early hours by smashing front windows and searching for cash tills.

Two burglaries were carried out by bogus workmen pretending to check water in the area – at least three suspects were involved and the same method of distracting the elderly occupier whilst the other two sole cash was employed. Kingston Road and Hawkins Road were hit along with a forced-entry burglary in Broom Close.

Police are concerned for the safety of a woman who has been missing for a week. Louise Cook, 37 from Teddington hasn’t been seen since Monday June 25th. There is no indication of where she could be so police have appealed for help finding her. More info and description can be found here.

Anyone with information can call the police on 101.

A shop on the High Street was last week robbed of £260 in cash – it is believed that an opportunist thief waited until the front of the shop was unattended and may have opened the till with a master-key. Businesses are advised to keep an eye on their till even when it is locked.

Five immigration offenders were arrested during a raid in Teddington on the 18th June – it was found that all had either overstayed their visas or entered the country illegally and have now all be returned to Brazil.

Bicycle thieves continue to target the borough and bikes are sometimes stolen from Teddington station including this black ‘Badboy’ one last month. To help combat this threat, the new secure bike storage area at the station has now been completed and cyclists will soon be able to store their bikes safely here.

A valuable bicycle was also stolen from a locked, windowless garden shed in St Mary’s Avenue just over two weeks ago. The thieves also entered at least one other garden and may return to the area if they believe the bikes will be replaced.

The council offer preventative information to help reduce bike theft. You can also get your bike marked for free at a Police marking event – the next one is this week on Thursday at Udney Hall Gardens 4-5pm. The Police also recommend bike registration service

Crime in the area isn’t just restricted to the land. The Metropolitan Police Arm of “Operation Kraken” involves 76 officers to prevent criminals operating on water-ways of our capital from Hampton to the QEII bridge.

Recently £75,000 worth of stolen boats have been recovered, 9 drug warrants had been executed in a joint enterprise with police in Hampton, Shepperton and Chertsey with drugs recovered. 8 drug warrants have also been executed in Teddington with class A & B drugs involved as well as Russian passports (awaiting trial). A £20,000 stolen cruiser has also been recovered.

Currently Richmond Borough doesn’t have any byelaws that prohibit illegal mooring on the Thames whereas Kingston Upon Thames does. LBRuT are considering such a law.

The river will see increased security by police over the Olympic Games period and could also now be involved in enforcing the recent ban on ‘wild swimming’ – the PLA have changed the law so that you cannot swim in the Thames between Putney Bridge and Crossness (near the Thames Barrier) without a permit.

[Update 10th July 2012] Police are appealing for information concerning an assault & robbery that took place on Teddington Lock Bridge at 9:30-10pm on Thursday 28th June. The attack by 4 males and 1 female (roughly 15-16 years old) left the victim unconscious. If you witnessed the attack or saw this group of youths can you please contact Police on 02082477247 or CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800555111. Leaflet about this appeal can be found here.


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  • Dean Hollingworth

    The ban on wild swimming is totally disgusting, its peoples birthright to swim in lakes and rivers, many people laid down their lives to keep this country free. But its all been for nothing, if simple pleasures like swimming are taken away. Of course people drown, but people also die on the roads, at the end of the day, accidents happen, and its the swimmers responsibility, to take care of themselves, not the PLA, government or any one else. This country is falling to ruin, freedoms are now lost on an almost daily basis, it has to stop…


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