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Honey Bee treasure hunt

NewsYou might need your thermals to find the latest addition to Bushy Park! Hidden deep within one of the Woodland Gardens in Bushy Park, is a newly carved Oak Honey Bee.

Bees are essential to the environment, and the decline in bee populations over the last 50 years has been significant. Different species of bee have become extinct and its vitally important that we all understand the small changes we can make to help promote the bee populations.

Carved out of English oak by sculptor Roy Clayton in memory of a local Mum whose passion was bee keeping, “Tatjana’s Bee” hopes children will enjoy learning about bees whilst trying to find the latest addition to the park. Here are three clues to find the bee and also links to resources where you can find more information about this vitally important insect.

Tatjana’s Bee, with thanks to Chris Nickerson of Bushy Park for his kind permission.

You can find the bee in the Woodland Gardens by solving the following clues.

  1. If you are thinking of getting a coffee you are in the wrong place.
  2. Find the Dinosaur plants.
  3. If you cross the bridge you have gone too far.

Once you have found the bee why not take a picture and email it to or tweet to @Teddington_Town, and click on the links below to find out more about bees. Dont forget to keep its location secret!

Further reading:

[Update] Pic of the bee found by an intrepid explorer.


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