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As the seasons change, so does the behaviour of the deer in Bushy Park. The cow-like moos you can hear near the mostly park after dark herald the start of the rutting season and the competition for mating rights. Take extra care to not get too near them at this time of year especially when males are locking horns (or about to!).

Photos, early start & description by Max Ellis: “Got an early start to make the most of the lovely foggy morning and soon ran into Willy (with the wonky horn) here. I’ve followed his progress all year and was glad to see he’s survived the cull this far. I’ve seen this behaviour of actually licking the hinds before and presume he’s checking if they are in heat. Doesn’t make it any less comedic.”

Sweatshop hands over a cheque for £5,000 to the Mo Farah Foundation at Mo’s Golden Postbox – much needed money that has been generated through various fund-raising activities that will help fight starvation and disease in East Africa.

Female Kestrel in flight, spotted in Bushy Park. Photo: Ollie Christie.

Visitors reading about the history of Bushy House – open during a rare chance to see this historic building during Open House London weekend. More pics of the house, grounds and old instruments here.

Photo of a dreamy beer in one of my favorite places Teddington, Shambles”. Photo: ShakeThatCamera.

Punt racing, one of the many races and disciplines at the Skiff Club Regatta at Trowlock Island.

“Teddington swimming pool looking like an LA apartment”: photo: Danny J Lewis.


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