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Although there are no plans or indications that Teddington Walk-In Centre could close, film crews visited on Sunday to interview staff and patients for this Sky News piece as an example of how great NHS walk in centres are and how they have benefits for patients and local communities.

Advanced Nurse practitioner Inge Kievit explaining how closing walk-in centres would add additional strain to doctors and A&E.

Almost a quarter of walk-in centres have closed in the last three years because of cost constraints, many patients choose to visit them due to the convenience of location and hours vs normal doctors or A&E – making them in some cases ‘too popular’.

Teddington Walk-In Centre is open 7 days a week 8am-10pm week days, 8am-9pm weekends and bank holidays. In addition, the hospital also has a late-opening pharmacy, diagnostics department (including x-ray and ultrasound), inpatient rehabilitation and a number of outpatient clinics including physiotherapy.

Fans of New Tricks might have noticed
something familiar in the new series, the new Teddington School buildings masqueraded as offices for a well-funded charity in scenes from the show and was filled with actors and extras during filming.

A recent episode of Don’t Tell The Bride included a visit to Teddington for the groom and bride to be with scenes filmed in the Anglers beer garden and a hair styling from Divine Hair & Beauty.

The replica of the original International Prototype Kilogram that resides at NPL visited the QI studios along with Dr Ian Robinson for an explanation of how the kilogram is the only metric measure that still relies on this physical object – the IPK, made from platinum-iridium in 1879 and residing in France. With Ian and NPL’s help in creating technology that can use the highly accurate Planck’s constant, a new international definition of the kilogram will soon be created.

Homes Under The Hammer has also been in Teddington in an episode aired this week. Presenter Martin Roberts: Today I find myself in Dartmoor perhaps? The New Forest? Nope this is actually Bushy Park just outside Teddington. With Waterloo just 36 minutes away by train and all the facilities you need, it’s no surprise that it’s a very popular place to live. It’s a short commute to centre of London but still retains a taste of the country. Perfect.

These houses on Blandford Road once belonged to US serviceman during WWII, was subsequently sold to a police dog handling unit and was now up for auction – it fetched £538k and property expert Martin seemed genuinely surprised by how much house prices were in the area! Full episode can be found here.


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