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Teddington Town – Photo of the Week

It’s that time of the week where every Friday we pick our favourite photo of different parts of Teddington from Twitter and post it out here. We saw some great interest in our first blog last Friday and are excited to post our favourites from this week.

Why not give it a go yourself? Either tag us in at @Teddington_Town or simply post the hashtag #TeddingtonPhotos. We will pick our 5 favourites from the week and post out via social media and also on our weekly ‘Photo of the Week’ blog. We’ll also ensure you’re tagged in.

Thank you to everybody who tweeted us or posted the hashtag #TeddingtonPhotos. Without further ado here’s our top 5 from this week!

#5 – A dust of snow over at Bushy Park.


#4 – We loved this delicate shot from our local Baptist minister.


#3 – A frosty this morning in Bushy Park.


#2 – A fantastically detailed and unique double shot.


#1 – And the winner this week, this absolutely glorious effort. Stag of the day? Stag of the year!



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