Teddington Town – Photo of the Week

Happy Friday all, the weekend is so close we can almost touch it!

It’s been and up and down week for the weather, but that hasn’t stopped you creative locals coming up with some amazing photos of our beautiful town. Some with the moody chill hangover from winter and some with that summer sun, which keeps threatening to bless us with an appearance. Either way, they’re looking great.

Also if you haven’t already, ensure you head down to the Landmark Arts Centre where Photographer Paul Harries shows some of his stunning photos of iconic guitarists including Brian May and Metallica’s James Hetfield. Free admission and open weekdays 9.30am–12.30pm. Be sure to tag us in any photos you take.

Why not give it a go yourself next week? Either tag us in at @Teddington_Town or simply post the hashtag #TeddingtonPhotos.

Have a great weekend. Here’s the top 5 from this week!

#5- A beautifully panoramic shot of Bushy Park.

#4 – Bushy Park stag in all its glory.

#3 – Swan lake, the perfect morning sunrise.

#2 – We couldn’t agree more, a perfect place to work.

#1 – It was hard to pick one of these, they were all so good. These misty shots are our winner.


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