What an absolute scorcher it was this earlier this week! Albeit it’s calmed down a little now, it was an interesting few days, some saying it was too hot and others taking advantage of it; and for anybody who had to get on the South West trains, enough said about that the better – phew!

Despite this, it’s supposed to be another nice weekend so let us know what you’re up to in the comments section or via our social media channels and whatever you have planned, have a fantastic weekend. We’ll be here to RT or post any cool photos you take in Teddington, so please do tag us in any at @Teddington_Town or simply post the hashtag #TeddingtonPhotos. We’ll be sure to re-post the best ones and you might find yourself in our Photo of the Week blog which goes out to hundreds of locals every Friday.

Here’s the top 5 photos from this week!

#5 – A grey Heron in Bushy Park this week.

#4 – An eerie and misty Bushy Park just before sunrise.

#3 – A swan on the pond taking advantage of the cool water.

#2 – A lovely looking sale on the Thames. I think we’d all envy ths shot!

#1 – Our favourite from this week. Deer taking a cold bath to take a break from their stroll in the sun.


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