SporTedd’s Up and Running

A group of local businessmen and women with an interest in sport has teamed up to explore ways of using their networks to benefit the wider community.

They include individuals with connections to football, tennis, rugby, cycling, motor-racing and Paralympic sports and winter sports and are all based around Teddington, Hampton and St. Margaret’s.

This week, the group launched its website, www.sportedd.co.uk which invites enquiries as well as offering a welcome to anyone else who is interested in  supporting the non-profit group.‎

They plan to raise funds to support local projects  through various activities including a local inaugural dinner later in the year.

One of the founders, Stuart Higgins,  said: “It’s staggering how many people who live locally have got very strong connections to all kinds of sports at many different levels.

“We all consider ourselves to be very lucky and privileged to live in such stunning area and we are hoping that between us we can do something which makes a difference to our local community.”

‎To learn more about the group, please go to www.sportedd.co.uk


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