Temporary 65 route highlights missing bus service

Update – Richmond and Twickenham Times are having a photo call at Broom Road 9.45am tomorrow (01/09/2016) for anyone wanting to show their support.

You’re waiting around for one bus and then a diverted 65 comes along! Thanks to the Petersham Road closures which have been going on across August (Until 4th September) Teddington residents have been making good use of a direct route to Twickenham and Richmond thanks to the 65 being on diversion; and that raised the question of why such a bus doesn’t exist already?

It has long been a desire of the Teddington and Hampton Wick Societies for such a direct bus to exist Kingston – Hampton Wick – Teddington – Twickenham to Richmond. We ran our own poll on Twitter and uses voted in favour of the idea – such a route would be popular. We’ve heard from many residents who’ve enjoyed using the temporary bus route.

Would you support a new bus route from Hampton Wick to #Richmond via #Teddington and #Twickenham?— Teddington_Town (@Teddington_Town) August 22, 2016

Although the journey can be made already it does require changing buses depending on where you start your journey, the 33, 281, 285 and R68 all cover part of the journey. But with the announcement that Crossrail 2 trains won’t be serving Twickenham – it only makes sense that we get an enhanced bus service to supplement the half hourly train service. This would also provide better accessibility for less able passengers as Hampton Wick and Teddington stations are very difficult for those not able to use the stairs.

Councillor Peter Buckwell, Cabinet Member for Transport will be asking TfL and the relevant bus companies at the next Transport Liaison Meeting about the idea. Getting a new bus service is not a quick process but the more of us that make a noise the more likely it is to happen! You can email you local councillor to show your support.

65 bus tedd

Have you used the temporary 65 bus route and find it useful? Let us know your views below or on Twitter.


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