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Youth clubs across South West London receive devastating cuts of funding

Millions of pounds have been slashed from youth clubs in South West London with almost £200,000 being cut from Richmond’s club in the last five years.

A report by London Assembly member Sian Berry, based on freedom of information requests sent to each borough council, found that all south-west London authorities had cut funding in the last five years.

Ms Berry said: “Government cuts have hit all London councils hard, and youth services have been put on the chopping block across our city as a result.

“The impact of these cuts could be devastating. Good quality youth services help prevent young people from falling into crime and also make them less vulnerable to the exploitation of groups like gangs.”

According to research from Unison, 83% of staff working at the youth clubs believe that it will have a direct affect on crime in the area.

Over £22m was cut across London from youth service budgets in five years which works out at an average of £1m per council.

Achieving for Children, Kingston and Richmond’s joint child services provider, had its budget cut by just less than £200,000.



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