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Communities come together to tackle air pollution

Community groups in the borough have come together to hold a public meeting on air pollution – inviting politicians and experts to have their  say on what solutions are needed to improve air quality.

Make Air Safe & Clean brings together representatives of local groups with interests in air pollution in Richmond upon Thames and surrounding areas.

On March 28th at 7.00 pm at the National Archives, they have invited a panel of politicians and experts to answer public questions on the current situation and consider how to make the borough cleaner and safer.

On the panel will be Professor Roger Mason an expert in local air pollution and health; Caroline Russell AM and Jason Andrews, Richmond Council’s Pollution Manager. In addition, Cllr Peter Buckwell (Richmond Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways) and Cllr Pamela Fleming (Cabinet Member for Environment) will also be answering questions.

The organisers hope to inform people about why poor air quality is so bad and get people keen and committed to take action.

Cllr Pamela Fleming, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

“Everyone is worried about the illegal levels of air pollution. The Council is doing all it can to try and reduce emissions. This could be improving the cycling infrastructure in the borough, encouraging parents not to live their engines idling outside schools to ensuring that residents with coal fire are using the correct fuel. But, we  all have a part to play.”

Jenine Langrish, from MASC, added:

“Pollution is one of the greatest threats to our society. Earlier this year, air pollution levels in London were worse than those in Beijing.

“If we don’t make drastic changes now to the way we live, the situation will deteriorate. This public meeting will look at the local situation and discuss what urgent changes we need to make to ensure that the health of Londoners – now and in the future – isn’t permanently damaged by the quality of our air.”


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